Dont Spill the Ink!!

Collector: Beha
Location: Center on upper Back
Duration: 3 to 4 hrs.

Here is a challanged that has been offered to me, trying to fix a tattoo that is poorly Drawn and half completed. Beha came with a friend whos been also doing a back piece when he showed me his tattoo and ask me how can we fix it, then crosses my mind what I have been doing before when I was a child very passionate about the Art of Graffiti

, I have sketch and drew back of my school notepad till have no space to use on it.


Anyways grafitti on the skin is way different than applying it on the wall. Because it needs to be very high contrast and saturated, and skin with
different color pallete may not be a good Idea if you dont have a very fair skin, but the properselection of brands and Ink can do the Job as the way we like it to be..
So I used complimentary colors and brands to blend it on Beha's back. Here are the colors that I have applied:

1. Intenze lemon Yellow
2. Intenze Mario's Light Blue
3. Eternal Bright Orange
4. Intenze Blood Red
5. Eternal Turquise
6. Intenze Snow White/ White Opaque

I have tried a lot of Ink Products, researched which ones are great and easy to aplly, and as of Now best and convinient for me to use are Intenze and Eternal( For the Bright Colors) I still use Starbright but very Minimal sometimes I use it for mixing option or blending with blacks..